Bonita’s Kitchen: A Little Taste of Home


Bonita Hussey’s first video was a gift for her sons who were living in Calgary and wanted to know how to make bread. Just four years later, Bonita has hundreds of cooking and baking videos available on her popular YouTube channel and a loyal following at home in Newfoundland and Labrador and away.

Bonita’s Kitchen collects over 50 of her most popular baking recipes, straight from her Upper Island Cove kitchen to yours. Toutons and sweet molasses raisin bread, baked puddings and blueberry sticky buns, lemon crumbles and maple butter tarts … these are traditional recipes updated for today’s baker.

With clear directions, full-colour photographs, and easy-to-find ingredients, Bonita brings her own flair to beloved recipes, delivering a collection to nourish body and soul.

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  1. kiersteadron (verified owner)

    I hit on Bonita’s YouTube channel and subscribed when I found that the recipes she showcased were fairly easy to make, and her in depth and illustrated instructions made making a meal such as a roast with gravy and duff pastry a simple prospect.

    My first impression of this cookbook is that this collection of breads and dessert recipes features some time honoured classics that my mom used to serve at table, the oatmeal raisin cookies, as well as many new-to-me recipes that I’m looking forward to trying such as the Lemon Crumbles. Or Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze! I quite enjoy the fact that I’d only need to nip down to the store to buy fancy ingredients like blueberries and lemons, as everything else can be found in a well stocked kitchen. I’m also going to give the pizza dough and Toutons recipes a try, as there is nothing quite like fresh hot toutons drizzled with molasses and a hot cuppa.



    P.S. Now I need to order her first cookbook to complete the set. 🙂

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