New on the Shelf: The Reincarnation of Winston Churchill by Bill Rowe

New on the Shelf: The Reincarnation of Winston Churchill by Bill Rowe

Boulder Books is pleased to present new fiction from author Bill Rowe: The Reincarnation of Winston Churchill.

The storied life of Winston Churchill, Britain’s legendary leader in the war against Nazism, is coming to an end. But Churchill holds a secret, one he is driven to disclose before death. Could it be that Churchill was descended, through his American mother, from the Indigenous peoples of North America? Few people would believe it, as he well knows. But Churchill’s certainty that he possesses ancestral memories from this inheritance gave him the fortitude to stand, almost alone, against Hitler.

Rowe explores the mythology of Winston Churchill’s aboriginal ancestry with a Newfoundland lens.

As Churchill nears his end, he learns that William Cull, a student from Newfoundland has arrived in London—a descendant and namesake of a notorious frontiersman and alleged persecutor of the Beothuk in the early 1800s. Churchill summons Cull to his home in London, disrupting the young man’s life, to hear and record the great man’s mystery, in an uncertain race against time.

About the Author

Bill Rowe, Q.C., is a Newfoundland and Labrador-born author, lawyer, politician, and long-time public affairs commentator. He has published a dozen fiction and non-fiction books.