New on the Shelf: The Crooked Knife by Jan Morrison

New on the Shelf: The Crooked Knife by Jan Morrison

Boulder Books is proud to announce the release of The Crooked Knife: A Nell Munro mystery by Jan Morrison, a murder mystery set in Sheshatshiu, Labrador, and the first book in the Nell Munro Mystery series.

Constable Nell Munro is angry and in danger of losing her job. A teacher, Jay Tuck, has been found dead, a crooked knife nearby. A two-spirit Innu youth named Pashin is the main suspect, but Nell doesn’t buy it.

Local activists implore her to keep digging but when she does, Nell is threatened and worse – so are the kids she cares about. Even when the lead investigator threatens to put Nell on probation for her big mouth, she keeps going.

The Crooked Knife is a multi-layered tale of life in an indigenous community from an insider’s perspective. It explores the way conflicts arise, subtly and not-so-subtly, as individuals grapple with change amid a major resource development project that challenges age-old earth and water-keeping traditions.

About the Author

Jan Morrison is a published playwright, poet, and former artistic director of the Chester Playhouse. With her theatre company, Catchword Productions, she also regularly led weekendlong murder mystery events at resorts throughout Nova Scotia. The Crooked Knife is inspired by Morrison’s deep love for Labrador and the Innu children she knew while working there as a psychotherapist.

Now a retired grandmother, Morrison spends time enjoying yoga and working in her home garden in Prospect, Nova Scotia.