New on the Shelf: Hikes of Newfoundland

New on the Shelf: Hikes of Newfoundland

Boulder Books is proud to release Hikes of Newfoundland, the most comprehensive guide to hiking trails on the island.

From a former Viking settlement on the Northern Peninsula to the award-winning paths that make up East Coast Trail on the Avalon Peninsula, Hikes of Newfoundland is a must-have guide to the must-do walks and hikes for those who wish to explore this unique, historic island.

Suitable for hikers of all levels, this book offers an overview of over 150 trails, including length, elevation, and difficulty rating, and tips on what to watch for along the way. Maps and GPS references will get you to the trailhead; full-colour photographs will get you excited about the path ahead.

Mary Smyth and Fred Hollingshurst have decades of experience writing about hiking in Newfoundland, and are authors or Hikes of Eastern Newfoundland. Katie Broadhurst and Alexandra Fortin are avid outdoors enthusiasts who previously co-wrote Hikes of Western Newfoundland.

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