New on the Shelf: Agnes Ayre’s ABCs of Amazing Women, by Jenny Higgins

New on the Shelf: Agnes Ayre’s ABCs of Amazing Women, by Jenny Higgins

Boulder Books is pleased to release its latest book, Agnes Ayre’s ABCs of Amazing Women: Newfoundland & Labrador Women of Note (Some of Whom Won Us the Vote).


Agnes Ayre’s ABCs of Amazing Women is written from the viewpoint of legendary artist and activist Agnes Ayre (1890-1943) who leads the reader through an alphabetical introduction to some of the most remarkable women from Newfoundland and Labrador history.


The author, Jenny Higgins, says, “During my research over the years, I kept coming across all sorts of inspiring stories about women from our past. At the same time, I was developing an interest in children’s literature. Then a light bulb went off: Maybe I could create an alphabet book of all the fascinating women I’d been collecting, while at the same time telling an uplifting story about a group of like-minded people who came together to change their society for the better.”


Agnes Ayre’s ABCs of Amazing Women demonstrates that within every individual is the ability to accomplish something spectacular. You’ll meet scientists, artists, philanthropists, writers, athletes, adventurers, and more. You’ll also get to know a trailblazing group of suffragists who altered the course of this province’s history.


Filled with beautiful original illustrations, fascinating historical detail, and rarely told stories, this innovative ABC book will charm and inform children and adults alike.


The book launch will be on July 11, at The Grounds Cafe, 1525 Portugal Cove St. Philip’s from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.


About the Author: Jenny Higgins is an award-winning author and woman of letters (all 26 of them). She lives in Flatrock with one human, one dog, two cats, and several thousand honeybees. She loves her mom so much that she wrote this book for her. Jenny won the 2015 Democracy 250 Award for Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disasterand the 2017 Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award for Newfoundland in the First World War.


About the Illustrator: Jennifer Morgan is a visual artist and writer. Jennifer won the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage and History Award for children/young adult books with her comic book Almost Home: The Sinking of the S.S. Caribou, which she wrote and illustrated.