The Crooked Knife


Constable Nell Munro is angry and in danger of losing her job. A teacher, Jay Tuck, has been found dead, a crooked knife nearby. A two-spirit Innu youth named Pashin is the main suspect, but Nell doesn’t buy it.

Local activists implore her to keep digging but when she does, Nell is threatened and worse – so are the kids she cares about. Even when the lead investigator threatens to put Nell on probation for her big mouth, she keeps going.

Who is responsible for the recent chaos on the reserve, and why do people who fight it end up either very quiet or very dead?

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Author Bio

Jan Morrison

Jan Morrison began The Crooked Knife while living in Labrador. She was inspired by both the Innu youth she worked with in Sheshatshiu and the wild beautiful landscape of the area.

Jan is a playwright whose plays include Death, the Musical – karaoke at the Afterlife Bar & Grill, Fields of Crimson; Shroom!, Mrs. Finney’s Hat and States of Grace. She wrote and produced over sixty murder mystery entertainments with her company Catchword Productions. Her poems and essays have been published in Pottersfield Portfolio, Grain, The Shambhala Sun, The Globe & Mail and Newfoundland Quarterly.

When not writing, Jan can be found digging in her garden or rambling the rocky shores near her home in Prospect, Nova Scotia with her fella and her dog

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  1. jlmo52 (verified owner)

    Loved the book! Great mystery wrapped up in an informative lesson on culture of Labrador.
    Enjoyed the characters, especially Nell, can’t wait for the next book in this series.

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