Peace by Piece: Quilted Memories of Newfoundland in the Great War


Quilted images from the First World War, many created by descendants of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, are depicted in book form and for display to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Beaumont Hamel. Each of the 260 quilt blocks is unique to the craft person who created it; accompanying each of them is a description of the artist’s inspiration for taking part in the project. The blocks have been sewn into quilts, categorized by theme.

Author Bio

Cabot Quilters Guild

The story of the Cabot Quilters’ Guild is like that of a handmade quilt: durable, cozy, and lovingly made with whatever was available at the time. In 1985, a small group of women met in St. John’s to learn basic quilting techniques. Starting with 12 women, the guild met in members’ homes, teaching each other what they learned and encouraging new ideas. Today, the group has over 100 members, carrying on old traditions while creating new ones.

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  1. jac (verified owner)

    “The quilts are beautiful works of art but they are also documents in and of their own right,” Riggs said. That qualifies them as an incredible archival resources,” said Bert Riggs long time Memorial archivist.

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