Newfoundland and Its Untrodden Ways


Follow the author as he tracks caribou throughout the interior of Newfoundland, an untamed region that was virtually unknown to non-aboriginal peoples. He also chronicles the hunting of whales – a dramatic adventure from another era. Through his writing, Millais inspires us to experience the thrill of tracking wild animals, while at the same time imparting the splendour of nature and its creations. This monumental work, released here in its entirety a century later, includes Millais’ own paintings, sketches and photographs. More than 140 illustrations, including six colour plates.

Author Bio

John Guille Millais

John Guille Millais (1865-1931) was an avid hunter, naturalist, writer and artist. He traveled throughout the world, writing several books about his experiences in Africa, Great Britain, Ireland and Newfoundland. The son of the renowned English painter, John Everett Millais, he was also a wildlife artist of the highest order.

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