Dying Hard: Industrial Carnage in St. Lawrence Newfoundland


Dying Hard: Industrial Carnage in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland is a series of first-hand accounts by miners suffering from industrial diseases contracted while working in the fluorspar mines of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland. It tells the stories of men waiting for death to relieve them from the continuing agony of cancer and silicosis; and of the women who coped with the burden of raising children while their husbands’ health deteriorated. Originally published in the mid-1970s under another title, this 2004 edition includes photographs, a map, and an update by Leyton.

Author Bio

Elliott Leyton

Elliott Leyton is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most distinguished authors and scholars. His books include The Myth of Delinquency, Hunting Humans, Men of Blood and Touched by Fire. He is professor emeritus at Memorial University Newfoundland, and holds research and faculty appointments in Ireland and England.

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