Annie and The Pirates of Halifax


Annie, a whippet, goes to Oak Island and unexpectedly meets The Pirates of Halifax.

Annie is on a special Halloween tour of Oak Island.  She wanders away from the tour to chase after a red squirrel, and ends up in another world, full of pirates, treasure, dragons, and knights on horseback.  Will Annie be able to help the good knight find the treasure?  Annie sees where the pirates have buried the treasure and helps the knight find it.  Will the knight be mad at the pirates for taking it?

Annie is an adorable whippet who goes on many adventures. This book is perfect for readers four to eight years.

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Illustrated by Cyndi Bussey and Michele Thomaier.

Author Bio

Cyndi Bussey

Cyndi Bussey is a high school teacher in western Massachusetts, and loves dogs, pirates and Oak Island.  This is her second book in the Annie Goes to series.  Go to for more information.

Annie is an AKC Grand Champion and recently was the mother to a litter of ten beautiful puppies.  Nowadays, Annie spends her time playing with her daughter Vanessa, and two Boston Terrier friends, Dougal and Bobby Dazzler.  She is also a champion hole digger, cardboard shredder, and countertop surfer.

All proceeds from sales of this book in Canada will be donated to the IWK foundation, or other Canadian Children’s hospitals.  Proceeds from sales in the US will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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