Lori McCarthy and Marsha Tulk

Lori McCarthy and Marsha Tulk

***Winners of the 2022 Gourmand World Cookbook Award Best in the Food Heritage Cookbooks Category***

Lori McCarthy identifies fiercely as a Newfoundlander, which means more than just geographical location of birth to her. Her passion for the land is matched only by her passion for food culture. Deeply rooted here, the skilled chef and outdoors-woman is guided by a sense of responsibility to place. The ethics of conservation and sustainability inform her every move, and she is as serious about protecting Newfoundland culture, resources and food ways as she is about sharing them.

To be an innovative chef, forager, hunter, educator , and enthusiastic outdoors-person is less unusual amongst Newfoundlanders than you might think. The provinces culture is based on the values of resourcefulness and working with what the land provides. But Lori has made it her life, becoming a leader and advocate in a back to the land approach where traditional food culture is central. She’s committed to keeping the wild game and foods of this province on our plates for generations to come, and passing on the pride she learned at her own mother’s knee to her own children who will inherit this islands abundant bounty.

Marsha Tulk grew up and married on the west coast of Newfoundland but raised her two boys on the east coast. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual) majoring in photography and printmaking and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her love of photography started at a young age when she found her grandfather’s darkroom in the attic of the family’s 100-year-old home. In archiving his photographs, she found a window into the traditions of this island. It is her belief that a picture truly does silently speak a thousand words—putting food, culture, and place together has the potential to tell a thousand stories.

Their first book is Food Culture Place: Stories, Traditions and Recipes of Newfoundland. 

Check out their website: FoodCulturePlace


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