Walter & Seymour: Let’s Play


Walter the Humpback Whale and his friend Seymour the Seal are trying to find something to do but can’t seem to settle on the perfect pastime! Will they still be singing a happy tune by the end of the day?

Walter and Seymour: Let’s Play emphasizes friendship between two very different creatures. But even though Walter and Seymour have their differences they are able to find something special they can share.

Author Bio

Kim Osbourne

Kim was born and raised in Newfoundland. Her love for art began at a young age and later led to professional training in fine arts and graphic design.

In 2020, after many years living away, she returned to her home province with her family.

Her passion for creating, her Newfoundland roots, and especially motherhood were all inspiration for her first book, Walter & Seymour.

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