The Quilted Stash: A Dozen Newfoundland & Labrador-inspired Projects


As the snow disappears and patches of land are revealed in spring, you might hear someone in Newfoundland and Labrador say: “The land is quilting.”

But Mother Nature isn’t the only one furiously working on the latest craft project.  With some of the most changeable weather in the world, legendary gales, and RDF (rain, drizzle, and fog)—as well as an ingrained habit of reusing, repurposing, and innovating with the supplies on hand—it’s no surprise that Canada’s easternmost province has a long tradition of quilting and quilters. 

The Quilted Stash features patterns inspired by this history and informed by the wider Newfoundland and Labrador culture and landscape.

These 12 original projects by The Quilted Stash use a variety of techniques, including appliqué, piecing, and collage. Patterns include detailed instructions and are designed for a variety of skill levels. Rooted in tradition but drawing on the shapes and forms of modern quilting, these quilts will do more than keep you warm. They can tell a story, compel you to remember an experience, and take you home.

Author Bio

Ralph Jarvis & Corey Follett

Ralph Jarvis and Corey Follett both grew up in Newfoundland and developed a great love of nature, heritage and art. 

Ralph enjoyed a career combining work as a wildlife biologist, natural history curator and illustrator, exhibit design, sustainable tourism and heritage communication. He also applies his graphic design and illustration skills to painting and fiber arts and has exhibited work in group, solo and international shows. He is known for exploring fabric collage and representing the nature and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador in loose free-form designs that draw on the colours, landscape features and native species of this place. 

Corey works as a GED instructor. He started exploring quilting through improvisation and employing modern design elements to traditional blocks and motifs. He founded the St. John’s Modern Quilt Guild and helped establish the East Coast Quilt Co. He enjoys being in his design studio focusing on being creative.

Since 2016, Ralph and Corey have worked as The Quilted Stash, which has successfully developed and marketed quilting patterns best described as modern traditionalism. 

The Quilted Stash is their first book.

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