Geology of Nova Scotia: Field Guide


A traveller’s guide to 48 sites of geologic interest in Nova Scotia. Maps, GPS waypoints, and travel directions make it easy for anyone to visit breathtaking, informative locations both on and off the beaten path. Together, these sites reveal the geological history of Nova Scotia. Colour photographs and accompanying descriptions capture the appeal and significance of the rocks at each site.

Author Bio

Martha Hickman Hild & Sandra Barr

Sandra Barr is a faculty member in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Acadia University in Wolfville. Widely recognized as an expert in the geology of Nova Scotia, she is also co-editor of the scientific journal Atlantic Geology, and is book editor for the Geological Association of Canada.

Martha Hickman Hild has a PhD in Earth Sciences. Early in her career she co-directed a research laboratory and lectured in geology. She also more than 25 years experience in publishing, including work as a textbook editor and as a prize-winning news researcher. She is author of Geology of Newfoundland: Field Guide.

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  1. jac

    Real rock stars of Nova Scotia JOHN MCPHEE July 26, 2015 Field guide tells story of geological past, leads you to beautiful, interesting sites “We really wanted people to see the geology for all its complexity,” Barr said. “We didn’t try to simplify it to the point where it becomes not true anymore.” The book includes a trip planner and icons to help prepare for outings, as well as maps, travel directions, GPS waypoints and photos of each site. Safety, ease of access and, of course, interesting geology were the priorities in choosing the 48 sites, Barr said, but “they had to be places people wanted to go, even if they weren’t interested in the rocks.”

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