Joannie Smith Coffin & Brent Coffin

Joannie Smith Coffin & Brent Coffin

Joannie Coffin is a retired health care professional, who discovered many years ago the value of sharing a message through storytelling. She hopes Princess Amaris story will show others how hope, goodwill, and imagination can bring moments of joy, even under the most difficult circumstances. Joannie lives in Stephenville, Newfoundland.

Brent Coffin is a professional artist and a person to watch in the Newfoundland art scene. Coffin is an emerging artist working in a variety of mediums, most notably oil painting and fabric art. A graduate of the Visual Arts Program at Grenfell College, he majored in Renaissance painting, a style very evident from his engaging works. Brent lives in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland.

Available Titles by Joannie Smith Coffin & Brent Coffin

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