A Good Day for Billie


Friendship is a gift for all who pursue it. Yet it takes determination and persistence to unwrap its wonderful treasure. Join Billie in his pursuit of friendship and discover the joy that awaits this wise bird in his first adventure.

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Rodger Blake

Rodger Blake is a registered nurse in Hay River, Northwest Territories. He grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador and recalls countless hours exploring its magnificent shoreline. A Good Day for Billie, Rodger’s first book , is the result of telling bedtime stories to his kids. The Illustrator: Karen Gelderman is an artist and educator in Hay River, Northwest Territories. Although originally a prairie farm girl, she has spent many hours on the beaches in Atlantic Canada while visiting her in-laws. A Good Day for Billie is the first children’s book Karen has illustrated.

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  1. jac (verified owner)

    Allison’s Book Bag: Reviews of Books for Young people https://allisonsbookbag.wordpress.com/tag/rodger-blake/ A Good Day for Billie is my only pick in this round-up that contains a tale told in a traditional narrative format. This picture book is the result of the author, Rodger Blake, telling bedtime stories to his children. At the forefront is a puffin who enjoys exploring the coastal shores of Newfoundland. One day while Billie is flipping seashells on the beach, he encounters a reddish-orange creature with eight legs. Lava instantly informs Billie that penguins and crabs being friends would be a waste of time. Billie leaves Lava alone but, for the entire rest of the day, both creatures wrestle with doubts about their decision. Although the text is of length that an adult will no doubt need to read the story, the tale is perfectly told. Part of what I most appreciate about A Good Day for Billie is how integral the island’s distinctive features are to the story. Billie encounters fishing villages, icebergs, and many other coastal images all as part of his journey to ask a friend for advice. Even the character of a whale named Charlie is a natural fit. Just as perfectly rendered are the gentle color-pencil illustrations of blue, green, orange, and brown hues. A Good Day for Billie is an absolute delight!

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